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Phantom Snowmobiles, the Canadian manufacturer of the World’s only youth segment snowmobiles , Has partnered with the (CSRA) Canadian Snow Cross Racing Association,  to Intoduce a safe new way for young people to exerience the great outdoor winter sport of snowmbiling. 

Our Friends at the Grand Prix De Kincardine promote amatuer Racing in support of Childrens Autism & Epilepsy awareness with their annual events. 

The Novice 250 Driver Skills Development Program.

The intent of the Program is to return the youth of our Country back “Outdoors" to a safe, Healthy and Fun Environment and to a lifestyle of outdoors family fun. With the awareness that the social patterns of today’s youth have been affected by the onslaught of Video games, and electronic social media devices. Many of today’s youth are “Hiding" Indoors doing nothing... Our program simply is designed to get the kids off the couch and enjoying the wonders of winter both with their friends and family, riding Phantom Snowmobiles to return to the basics of outdoor fun.

Phantom snowmobiles have been designed specifically for the Youth segment of our sport, with safety and rider education as the prime focus. The safe introduction of young riders into the sport of snowmobiling is a tremendous concern. Until the Phantom Snowmobiles arrived on the scene with a snowmobile specifically made for kids, the trend was for parent to place unqualified and inexperienced riders in harm’s way by allowing them to ride adult sized and high powered snowmobiles putting their kids at risk of serious harm.

By allowing young riders to evolve and become safely acquainted with a snowmbile designed specifically for them, we can teach improved rider skills ,responsible fundamentals, safety and good old fashioned winter fun. These lessons are mentored with the  Novice 250 Driver Skills Development Program.

We teach safety & responsibility with a hands on riding program that will help you develop your skills , with mentoring from the very Best Professional Riders in the World.! Learn from the Best and develop into a safe & responsible rider whether you compete or ride the trails.

The program is the Right place to learn safe snowmobiling. Outdoor healthy family fun, the Novice 250 program is a lifestyle program where product and customer can benefit. Good sportsmanship, Fair play, Physical fitness and improved social skills are the results of Participation.

The Program Partners are recognized as the world’s Number 1 Amateur & Professional Snowmobile Competition Organizations and in co-operation with Phantom Snowmobiles. SAFETY, Physical Fitness and Fun are the result. As we say to all of our new riders
"Toss away Your Video games, GET OFF THE COUCH"

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Driver Safety & Skills Development Program for Young Snowmobilers